Behind the Scenes at Your Drycleaner

drycleaning process

When items arrive we wave our magic wand and they are ready-to-wear fresh in no time. End of story.

Well, that’s how we hope it looks. Truth is, your wardrobe gets full-service treatment.

Tagging and Stains
In reality, after check-in, we tag your items so the cleaning team can keep track of them through the upcoming process. Then we check for stains. If we find any tough stains, we’ll remove them based on their chemistry. Stain removal is part art and part science. Some stains are tougher than others but our team can handle 99.9% of them.

Next, we place your garments into the cleaning machine. It’s like a home washer since the clothes are placed in a metal cylinder. During cleaning, your items bathe in an EPA-approved fluid to dissolve grease and oily stains. Centrifugal force removes most of the fluid and soils just like in a home washer, the rest comes out in drying. Your clothes come out smelling fresh but we prefer to take the wrinkles out before calling them “Ready to Wear Fresh®.”

We press pants one leg at a time blast wrinkles with 300-degree steam while a hot flat iron flattens and creases each leg. We get wrinkles out of the waist and seat with “puff irons” or a specialized “pants topper” device. If they pass our quality inspection, they’re ready for you fresh.

Shirts are a little more involved. We press sleeves on a machine called a “sleever.” We do collars and cuffs together on another specialized machine. Full-body machines press the front and back perfectly flat. Then, we place the shirt on a form to give the collar it’s natural round shape.

Inspection & Assembly
Following the finishing process, we inspect for missing, loose, or broken buttons. We also give the items a detailed final quality exam to make sure they are truly Ready to Wear Fresh®.

Items identified as less-than-100% Ready to Wear Fresh® go back for correction. The real magic of professional cleaning is how you feel 100% confident because you know you look your best. You know because you trusted the experts, us. Our only job is making you look your best.

Here are some of the things we look for in our quality inspection:

No wrinkles at the waistband
No pocket impressions
No gaping pockets
No crotch wrinkles
No uneven crease heights
No double creases
No uneven cuffs

Sleeves and collars rolled (creased
if requested)
No creases in gathered section
Front edges are even
Darts and tucks are pressed along stitch direction

Suit Coats
Sleeve cuffs are firm and straight,
lining not showing
Collar properly formed
Lapel is rolled to top button and top buttonhole
No pocket impressions
No pocket flap impressions
Vents correctly finished
No lining hanging below coat

Pleated Dress

Sleeves and collars rolled
No creases in gathered section
Front edges of bodice are even
Darts and tucks are pressed along stitch direction
Hemline is even
Pleats are well defined, edges straight

We hope you enjoyed the tour!