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Dear valued customers,
Our reopening date will be on Tuesday, May19.

We will be practicing social distance and keeping the work area clean and sensitized to make sure our staff and customers are in a safe environment.

Looking forward seeing you.

Team fleetwood drycleaners

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Fleetwood Drycleaners Blog

Six Home Stain Removal Tips:

BLEACHING: Bleaching is a last resort if the stain does not respond to either dry-side or wetside measures. Ordinary 3 percent hydrogen peroxide bleach, available at grocery and drug stores, is the easiest to use. But test the bleach first on an unexposed seam or a sample of the material. Pour some bleach on the […]

Protect Your Clothes While Soaking Up the Sun:

Sometimes even the most innocent-looking products can bring worry to your relaxation wardrobe. Ward off unnecessary stress with these quick tips. Tropical Threads Potential Problem: Major color changes can occur in Hawaiian-style shirts, turning khaki garments green, as shown above. Linen clothing may shrink, fade, or distort. Clothing Care: Don’t assume elegant tropical shirts must […]

We Care for Bedspreads & Comforters:

Bedding supplies typically last a long time. Comforters and bedspreads usually last five and six on average. A bedspread is an outer covering for a bed that goes over the sheets and blankets. It is usually a decorative component of the bed set. A comforter is a quilted bed cover. The cover consists of an […]

Caring for Winter Items:

The colder months are here and the seasonal summer stains are being put on ice and replaced with the stains and hassles of winter. As the temperature begins to drop, it is time to prepare yourself for some fall and winter festivities. Here are a few tips and considerations to think about when rolling with […]

2016 Xmas Closed Dates:

Happy holidays to you and your families and all the best in your New Year. Please note the extended closure dates: Friday, Dec 23rd — Closed, Saturday, Dec 24th — Closed, Monday, Dec 26th — Closed, Monday, Jan 2nd — Closed. Sorry for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy you holidays.  

Caring for Curtains & Drapes:

Despite the availability of hundreds of labor saving devices and packaged products that claim to virtually eliminate housework, until a “magic solution” is found, curtains will still have to be cleaned the old-fashioned way. Window treatments are an investment in time, money, and creativity, so protect your investment by purchasing the right kind of draperies […]

Behind the Scenes at Your Drycleaner:

When items arrive we wave our magic wand and they are ready-to-wear fresh in no time. End of story. Well, that’s how we hope it looks. Truth is, your wardrobe gets full-service treatment. Tagging and Stains In reality, after check-in, we tag your items so the cleaning team can keep track of them through the […]

Caring for Household Items:

Open the windows and let the sun shine in! But be careful where those rays go because they could fade some parts of your home envirHome-Morocco-beddingonmHome-Morocco-beddingent. Sometimes we forget about household items that blend into our homes so much they become a part of the scenery. These items collect dust and dirt and can become […]

Closed for Easter Monday:

Happy Easter Monday to everyone. We will be closed Monday, March 28th. Have a great day.

Ever wonder how a man’s suit should fit?:

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Clients Benefits

Surrey's New Valet Service

What is Gata Hub?

Fleetwood Drycleaner is happy to announce a great service of delivery and pickup of your drycleaning garments and household items. Click for more info...

Cleaning tip of the month

Make sure to bring a garment in as soon as you can. Stains and soil left too long can be impossible to remove.

Alteration & Repair Services

Expert seamstress are available to give you timely and quality service to all your alteration and repair needs.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Preservation of gowns start with a thoroughcleaning and attention to detail when pressing.

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Our Services

Services Overview

At Fleetwood Drycleaners we offer many services to aid you in your cleaning needs.

Our services are 100% guaranteed we pride ourselves in a job well done.

Quality Drycleaning.

Onsite professional drycleaning and expert stain removal.  From wools suits to elaborate sequence dress, extreme care is given by our staff. Extra care also given to white garments by providing pristine cleaning environment, free from foreign dyes.

Shirt Laundry Service.

Cleaning and pressing of Men's dress shirts are done to perfection. Your choice of starch levels and option to be folded too. We'll fix your broken or missing buttons too.

Wedding Gowns & Preservation.

Preservation of gowns start with a thorough cleaning and attention to detail when pressing. A properly cleaned gown is your only defense against yellowing (aging). Along with an acid free vessel to house the gown for future enjoyment.

Drapery Cleaning.

Special designed drapery machine provide the perfect finished pleats to your long drapes. Panel and sheer drapes are pressed and steamed for a crisp finish. Vertical Blinds are also cared for by special hand cleaning methods.

Alterations and Repairs.

Expert seamstress is available to give you timely and quality service to all your alteration and repair needs. Come in to our shop, and we'll take measurements for you.

Leather and Suede.

We are partnered with a highly qualified and professional cleaner for all your leather and suede. Purses and boots are another specialty we can have cleaned for you too.

Comforter and Sleeping Bags.

All your bedding and blankets are professionally cleaned and cared for. Pet and other stains are expertly removed to our best ability. Down and feather filled comforters are properly cleaned and packaged for future use.

Pillow Cleaning.

Down or feather pillow rejuvenation is an additional service we provide. A thorough cleaning can give you an almost new pillow for many more restful sleeps.

Rug Doctor Rental.

Easy to use and super results, you'll be amazed. Rental of our machines are available with your selection of detergents, spot and stain removal solutions at www.fleetwooddrycleaners.ca

Valet Service

Surrey's New Valet Service

Fleetwood Drycleaner is happy to announce a great service of delivery and pickup of your drycleaning garments and household items.

We want to spread our quality service to our other Surrey residents that have not experienced the supreme attention to detail we have to offer.

A fast and reliable return of your garments is our highest priority. You can look forward to wearing your professionally cleaned and pressed clothes in as little as 2 days. Our cleaning staff is well versed in removing a wide range of stains, old and new. We love a challenge.

What is Gata Hub?

Download the Gata Hub app and you are on your way to receiving a great beneficial service that will save you time and money.

Care Tips

Care Tips

Please click the links to view some brochures on the care for your clothing.

Here are some tips that can help you get the most from your cleaning dollar,

1. Bring a garment in for professional cleaning as soon as possible after staining occurs. Stains and soil left too long can be impossible to remove and will shorten the life of your garment.

2. Discuss any stains with us. Please be especially sure to point out light­colored or invisible spills, such as those from soft drinks, fruit juices, or white wine.

3. Allow perfumes, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants, and other toiletries to dry before you get dressed since these products can contain ingredients that affect some dyes.

4. Protect your garments, especially silks, from excessive perspiration, because it can cause many dyes to discolor.

5. Have matching pieces cleaned together, including bedspreads and drapes, so that any color loss will be uniform and pieces will still match.

6. Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light. Keep in mind that even indoor lighting can affect some dyes.

7. Don't press stained or soiled clothes. The heat may set some stains.

8. If you get a stain on your clothing, try not to rub at the stain. This may cause irreversible damage the surface pigment. Instead, if you must try to minimize the visible stain,  use a blotting technique.

9. Oil stains on laundry shirts and golf shirts are difficult to remove during laundry cycles. To eliminate oil and grease spot, the best to have the garment dry-cleaned. You can save a favorite shirt from recycle bin.

10. When having sofa cushions and pillows, it is best to remove the foam filling from inside if possible. Otherwise, the dense foam will not dry properly and my result in a residual order. Also, some batting may shift within the cushion and the result in a lumpy appearance.

Quick Questions

Is it safe to wet clean a garment with "Dry Clean Only" care instructions?

In some cases, yes. When determining whether a garment can be safely wet cleaned, we will look at the fiber content, fabric construction, colorfastness, trims, and other components such as interfacings and linings.

Are suede and leather cleaned the same way as other fabrics?

No, Special procedures and additives are used on leathers to help retain their color and texture. Sometimes suedes and leather need refinishing or even dyeing to replace some color loss. It is not always possible to replace or match the original shades exactly.

Can a dry cleaner prevent dye bleeding or fading of a fabric?

No, the manufacturer must thoroughly test the dyes to make sure they are colorfast to both normal circumstances of intended use, as well as the sug­gested cleaning process on the care label.




Please click the links to view some pamphlets on the care for your clothing.

Does frequent dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?
To the contrary, dry cleaning keeps garments looking new, fresh, and crisp. In 100 years of textile research and testing, the International Fabricare Institute has never seen any indication of dry cleaning processes "wearing out" fibers or fabrics.

When a garment's label says "washable,"does this mean it cannot be drycleaned?
Not necessarily. The Federal Trade Commission's Care Label Rule states that only one suitable method of care must be on the label. We usually follow the care instructions, unless testing or experience reveals a risk or otherwise requested. If you want a care process other than stated on the label or if we decide an alternative is more viable, we may ask you to sign a waiver.

Should I store my clean garments in the plastic bags they are returned in?
We provide plastic bags to protect your clothes until you get them home. It is best to store garments uncovered or in fabric garment bags.

Laundering, how do you do it?
Professional laundering for shirts and other wash­able items is another process we use to keep your gar­ments looking their best. We use precise, specialized detergents, additives, and finishes setting our care apart from everyday home laundering. Because of our expertise and the care we take, our laundering process enables us to produce consistently high quality wash­able garments, including shirts with collars and cuffs that are as clean and bright as they can be along with a crisp smooth finish.

What professional cleaning steps do you take?
Specialized garment care involves a variety of operations performed by trained technicians all aimed at achieving one goal: to impart a fresh and clean appearance to your garments. Here are just a few of the steps we take:
1. Checking labels for suggested care instructions and fiber content information.
2. Classifying the garment according to fabric type, color, degree of soiling, and cleaning process drycleaning, wet cleaning or laundering

Useful Info

What is Professional Care And Why is it Essential?

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." We take it seriously that you permit us the privilege of caring for your garments so that you always make a good first impression.

You may be surprised that keeping your clothes looking good is a lot more than one process. In fact, we employ a number of specialized techniques to impart that "like new" appearance to your garments. Professional cleaning care can be broken down into three categories: dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and laundering.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning uses a liquid solvent to remove soils and stains from fabric in specially designed machines.It is called "dry cleaning" because the solvent contains little or no water, but does have special additives to enhance cleaning and keep fabrics looking like new. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve greases and oils in a way that water cannot.

The dry cleaning process begins with the pretreatment of spots and stains using professional cleaning agents. The garments are then loaded into a machine resembling an oversized front-loading washer.

Once filled with solvent, it produces mechanical action to loosen embedded dirt. Throughout the cleaning process, the solvent is filtered or distilled to ensure its clarity. The garments are then dried in the same machine so they have no residual odor after cleaning.

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning is the professional process of removing soils from garments and other textile items through the use of water.

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists' (AATCC) says the definition for Professional Wet Cleaning is: A process for cleaning sensitive textiles (e.g., wool, silk, rayon, linen) in water by professionals using special technology, detergents, and additives to minimize the potential for adverse effects. It is followed by appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures.


Our many years of experience in cleaning and customer service at www.fleetwooddrycleaners.ca seperates us from the competition.

About Us

Our Company

Family owned and operated since 1991. Employing 6 staff and management. Our dedicated team is committed in providing the best that we can offer to our customers. We take pride in the work we do to make all our customers happy and looking good in their wares.

In 1991, Mohinder and Surjit Bains took an opportunity to own a drycleaning business. With a lot of hard work and help from their sons, the business became the preffered drycleaners in the Fleetwood area. It's reputation had been accelerated through countless consumer referral. As the community grew, the Bains adapted to accommodate the growing demand for quality and timely service. New machinery and staff have been acquired throughout the years and improved the quality and production ability.

After the new business was aquired to give the company an opportunity to go with a new direction. New customer service staff and a fresh advertising campaign shows the dedication they have in improving the strength of the company and the service level to our customer. Their level of experience and desire to make a 'good' company 'better', can be seen through every decision they make.

Providing a positive and enjoyable atmosphere to work in, they continue to serve the Fleetwood and other local Surrey communities.

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We have over 2 decades of garment care experience, marked by superb craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail, and a willingness to continually evolve and improve our processes and services is what we are all about at www.fleetwooddrycleaners.ca

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